Italian Lunch

15 Sep 2015 2pm - 5pm
Mantra Cafe, Cape Town

A lovely ‘Empower Me’ event in collaboration with ‘Tammy Taylor Mrs SA’ finalist, Amber Denae Wright to help her raise funds for the NPO Women4Women. It was a fabulous ‘Ornate Italian’ affair with live jazz music, great food and complimentary drinks by Aperol Spritz, Black Rose Gin and Dainty Bess.

Our vivacious and captivating guest speakers were Adrienne Westman and Candibod who shared some really valuable tips on being business and body savvy respectively. We learned the importance of branding, strategy and the psychology behind a business. Also that your ‘Why” has to be clearly defined, for days when things get tough… Learn to have a balanced healthy lifestyle, to fuel your brain with positive literature, to love your body and what it is capable of doing. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is not happy; and take note of the “fuel” you are feeding it. We learned that your gut is your “second brain” and that your whole body function is dependent on what you eat and drink (including the regulation of your hormones). Fad diets are unhealthy, so find a healthy lifestyle diet that suits your body type. Take probiotics! Exercise, even if just a little a bit. Move your body. Do what you can. Something is better than nothing.

“We must be more kind to ourselves. We must be more kind to other girls. We must be more kind to the younger generation of girls because they are our future” -Candibod

Versace fragrance joined the event sharing the delightful and enchanting Eros range which had the ladies captivated the whole afternoon. Thank you to Shake ‘n Bake for the beautiful Black Rose Gin infused cupcakes and to Moka for the stunning ornate cakes!

A big thank you to all the hands who helped to plan the event and to all the sponsors: Aperol Spritz, Black Rose Gin, One & Only Hotel Cape Town, Taj Hotel Cape Town, Skin Renewal, Cosmetix, Deluxe Laser & Spa, ghd, Maria-Magdalene, Jenna Clifford, Nomination South Africa, Tammy Taylor Nails Somerset West, Ellerman House, Versace, Beach Cult, Nikolas Taljaard Fairlady Magazine, True Love Mag, ELLE, Womenshealthmagazine, Choose Me Intimates, Mantra Café. Thank you to Tessa Barnes for capturing these special moments and to Carla and her jazz band for creating an authentic Italian mood.

Please also see the video on our homepage.