How it all began

The Empower Me Journey started back in August 2016…

Janine Brink, a financial advisor at Liberty Life, noticed a serious need to empower women in the field of financial planning. She planned an event for National Women’s Day, but, knowing how much South Africans love their public holidays, she doubted many would exchange their public holiday to attend a financial planning workshop. So she decided to create an event that she herself would love to attend, which included hosting guest speakers on different topics that women would be interested in. The first event was such a success that she knew this had to become an annual event. In 2017, the second Empower Me event went even better than the first!

While attending a few other women’s events during the month of August in 2017, she noticed a common energy present at all these special events – a positive and uplifting energy. The women loved getting together to be motivated, inspired and empowered by knowledgeable guest speakers. Something they loved, just as much, was a reason to dress up and enjoy being feminine at a glamorous affair. At these events, women all complemented each other and shared their mutual feelings on the various topics presented on stage. An energy that has become absent in our daily interaction with other women.

Janine realised that in order to truly empower and motivate women to transform into the best versions of themselves, Empower Me had to become a monthly event, not an annual event. Women need positivity and empowerment now more than ever. We are in a time of transformation and we cannot expect the women of our country to make a change, to take a stand or to be heard, if we attempt to empower them only once a year. It just had to be a regular event.

“Most people say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar

With this quote in mind she created Empower Me, an exclusive women’s membership network. Aimed to inspire, motivate and empower women in all areas of their lives to help them become the best version of their authentic selves.

Hosting a glamorous monthly event with guest speakers, creating an exclusive membership “club” with combinations of value-adds and special offers, self development workshops, business networking and social events.

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We are a group of like-minded incredible women with fun-loving spirits, who support and encourage each other. A group of ladies who were once strangers became friends.

Our VIP members receive an Empower Me card that gives them exclusive access to special offers, value-adds and prize giveaways from our affiliated brand partners. They also have the opportunity to promote their business through the network and get invited to special social events. Being a marketing and networking platform, your membership fee can, therefore, be written off as a business expense. 

Membership is only R4000 for the year or paid off in installments of R350 per month.

This is separate from the optional monthly event cost, which you may choose to attend at a discounted price.

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