We all deserve to be happy and to live a life of abundance!


Empower Me is an exclusive women’s network– the first of its kind to offer a diverse platform to empowering women in different areas of their lives. Inspiring, motivating and empowering women to become the best authentic version of themselves.

Whether you join our monthly events, become an exclusive Empower Me member, enroll in one of our self development workshops or attend our social events, there is sure to be a platform that empowers you.

We all deserve to be happy and to live a life of abundance. Once we find happiness within, we start making others happy and this attracts amazing opportunities! Find your authentic self, realise your development areas, face your fears and grow into your purpose, to become the best version of that authentic woman you were born to be.

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Why Self-love is not Vanity

In a world where everything has become about the “selfie” and you are rewarded for being “flawless and perfect”, how do we clarify vanity vs self-love?

Do you feel guilty for giving yourself some TLC or building your self-confidence?

Making yourself the centre of your world is actually not such a selfish thing to do. Self-love and kindness are actually necessary for a healthy and happy life…

Secrets to Authenticity

What does it actually mean to be “authentic” anyway?

It seems the word authentic has somehow become a fashion fad and ubiquitous in business, personal blogs and even style magazines.

Everyone wants to be “authentic” but instead of searching within, people are trying to match what authentic means to others, defeating the whole point.

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Our VIP members receive an Empower Me card that gives them exclusive access to special offers, value-adds and prize giveaways from our affiliated brand partners. They also have the opportunity to promote their business through the network and get invited to special social events. Being a marketing and networking platform, your membership fee can, therefore, be written off as a business expense. 

Membership is only R2750 for the year or paid off in installments of R250 per month.

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With the aim to empower women, we realise that we need to reach out to women outside of our affluent community. All women need to be educated, inspired, motivated and empowered to change their current situation and lead a different, better life.

A percentage of the event ticket sales and membership fees will be donated to NPOs who empower women and girls in South Africa. We will also consider NPOs who reach out on a global level, to countries where women don’t have a voice or choice.

We will consider all applications but cannot promise that every application will be successful.